Planet Veg cooks up vegan butter chicken in Vancouver

Soy butter chicken

The soy butter chicken is gluten-free at Planet Veg. (Stephen Hui)

Since I live nearby, I’ve eaten at Planet Veg (1941 Cornwall Avenue) in Vancouver many times. This vegetarian restaurant, in the Kitsilano Point neighbourhood, has served Indian-style fast food for years.

My favourite thing to order is the Kathmandu roll ($8). The savoury vegan wrap features cabbage, tomato, cucumber, crispy noodles, jalapeño cilantro chutney, herbs, and spices inside a 12-inch spinach roti. For $4, you can make it combo (do it), which adds rice or soup, and a potato samosa.

Recently, I decided to try something new, and got the soy butter chicken ($9) to go. The menu describes this gluten-free dish as “Butter chicken for those who can’t do chicken.” Continue reading

Veg Coast turns one year old

Harvest Community Foods

#28 udon at Harvest Community Foods. (Stephen Hui)

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, Veg Coast launched with a mission: to report on the tastiest vegan food and events in Vancouver.

Let’s mark this anniversary with a quick look back at the 10 most popular posts of our first year.

Thank you for reading, following, sharing, and commenting. Continue reading

Best vegan street food in Vancouver

Hip pie

Aussie Pie Guy’s vegan and gluten-free option made our top 10 list. (Stephen Hui)

Since city hall opened the floodgates in 2010, the street-food scene in Vancouver has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, there are more than 130 food trucks and carts selling everything from bibimbap to waffles.

Two of Vancouver’s food trucks are fully vegan. As well, a number of other vendors serve delicious vegan-friendly eats (free of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and honey) alongside omnivore and vegetarian offerings.

Here’s the Veg Coast list of the top 10 vegan options from food trucks in Vancouver. Five of these flavorsome items are gluten-free too. Continue reading

10 things for vegans to do in Vancouver

Loving Hut Express

Grilled mushroom cheese burger at Loving Hut Express. (Stephen Hui)

Are you planning a vegan trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? If not, perhaps you’re a local resident looking to discover more of the vegan food and activities in your own Pacific Northwest city.

Either way, the Vancouver area offers plenty of possibilities for vegans—locals and tourists alike. Here’s the Veg Coast list of 10 things for vegans to do in Vancouver. Continue reading

VegUBC plants seeds of vegan community on Vancouver campus


Vegan potlucks are likely in VegUBC’s future. (VegUBC on Instagram)

A new student group aims to promote veganism and vegetarianism at the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus. VegUBC is interested in hosting potlucks and visiting local restaurants, according to founder Nirel Marofsky.

A psychology student who hails from Seattle, Marofsky hopes VegUBC will create a community and serve as a resource for vegan, vegetarian, and veg-curious folks on- and off-campus. In an email, she noted that the group is open to UBC students, faculty, staff, and alumni, plus students at other Metro Vancouver post-secondary schools. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Mixed veg sabji at Soho Road Naan Kebab

Mixed veg sabji

The mixed veg sabji is a satisfying wrap. (Stephen Hui)

Everybody loves naan, right? Seriously, I’d eat every meal with this Indian flatbread if I could.

A recent visit to Soho Road Naan Kebab took care of one lunch. The Vancouver food cart serves naan wraps, including a delicious mixed veg sabji ($6 for small, $10 for large).

Although this item is vegetarian by default, it can be made vegan for a surcharge ($1 for small, $2 for large). I was told the only difference between the vegan and vegetarian versions is the naan. The chef even offered to change his gloves (previously used for chicken and lamb wraps) while making my order. Continue reading

Varinicey Pakoras brings deep-fried vegan snacks to Vancouver festivals

Varinicey Pakoras

These very nice pakoras are gluten-free too. (Stephen Hui)

With Veg Fest Vancouver 2013 approaching, I had looked forward to trying Varinicey Pakoras on July 27. Last weekend, I spotted the food cart at the Khatsahlano Music & Arts Festival, however, and decided not to wait.

As its name suggests, Varinicey Pakoras serves up deep-fried Indian fritters, which are indeed very nice. You can order a small ($5.50), regular ($8.50), or large plate ($10).

The Original pakoras consist of onions, ginger, carrots, kale, yams, and Swiss chard in a chickpea-flour batter. Three other kinds of pakoras are available: the Hot Chili (with chili peppers), Extreme Green (with extra kale, cabbage, and green veggies), and Super Beet (with red beets). Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Lua’s Luscious Lime at Golden Aura in Vancouver

Lua's Luscious Lime

Lua’s Luscious Lime is a lovely raw vegan pie. (Stephen Hui)

However you feel about raw food, we can probably agree on one thing: the desserts rule. At Golden Aura (2680 West Broadway) in Vancouver, four raw vegan cakes and pies are on the menu.

During a recent visit, I enjoyed a slice of Lua’s Luscious Lime ($7). This lovely lime-flavoured avocado-coconut pie is sweetened with date and coconut nectar. The crust is made from macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Like everything at Golden Aura, Lua’s Luscious Lime is gluten-free and made from organic ingredients. Most of the Kitsilano eatery’s menu is vegan, with just a couple of items labelled with a B for beegan (meaning they contain bee products and, therefore, are vegetarian). Continue reading