What to Feed That Effing Vegan: Veggie-lentil loaf recipe

Veggie-lentil loaf

Veggie-lentil loaf is perfect for the holidays. (Christine McAvoy)

What do you do if you’ve never cooked vegan food, and you have a vegan coming for Christmas dinner? Well, you could buy a Field Roast en croute and throw it in the oven.

Alternatively, you could get yourself a copy of What to Feed That Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition, and impress your guests with a homemade veggie-lentil loaf. After publishing Bridget Burns’s Vegan Cooking at Home and Samantha Shorkey’s Jacked on the Beanstalk in July, The Vegan Project (which also includes Zoe Peled) is back with another e-cookbook. Continue reading

Tofu McMuffin recipe

Vegan Egg McMuffin

The Egg McMuffin is super easy to veganize. (Stephen Hui)

Since they’re a favourite breakfast of mine, I often post pictures of Tofu McMuffins on Instagram. Whenever I do, someone invariably asks for the recipe.

So, let’s kick off the seventh annual Vegan Month of Food by devouring this sandwich, which sadly isn’t on McDonald’s menu yet. Here’s how to cook up a vegan version of the Egg McMuffin. Continue reading

Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition recipe: Quinoa bean burger

Quinoa bean burger

If you’re into clean eating, this burger is for you. (Courtesy Vega)

Have you heard of Thrive Forward? It’s a free online program designed by Vega formulator and former Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier—who hails from North Vancouver—to help people get healthier through plant-based nutrition. Continue reading

Vegan Cooking at Home e-book recipe: Tempeh tacos

Tempeh tacos

A recipe for tempeh tacos is included in Vegan Cooking at Home. (Christine McAvoy)

Over the past four years, the bloggers at The Vegan Project have shared many recipes with their readers. In July, with the aim of helping even more people eat vegan, they published two e-cookbooks.

Bridget Burns is the author of Vegan Cooking at Home, and Samantha Shorkey wrote Jacked on the Beanstalk. Both e-books feature nutrition tips from Jennifer Boyle and photography by Christine McAvoy. With Jessica Grajczyk, Burns and Boyle cofounded The Vegan Project—which made our list of the best vegan food blogs in Vancouver—back in 2009. Continue reading

Mouthwatering Vegan cookbook recipe: After late dinner mints

After late dinner mints

These after late dinner mints are a Mouthwatering Vegan dessert. (Miriam Sorrell)

With drool-worthy images accompanying recipes for sweet potato moussaka, tandoori kofta masala, lemon poppy seed cheesecake, and more, Mouthwatering Vegan is aptly titled. Miriam Sorrell, the Malta-based blogger behind Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes, authored this 304-page cookbook, which is influenced by her Mediterranean roots and years living in England.

Subtitled “Over 130 Irresistible Recipes for Everyone”, Mouthwatering Vegan was published this month by Random House of Canada under its Appetite by Random House imprint. The book’s eight recipe chapters cover breakfast, juices, and smoothies; appetizers and sides; soups and salads; pasta, pizza, and burgers; curries; mains; desserts, cakes, and treats; and cheeses and dairy alternatives. Continue reading

The Power of Food cookbook recipe: Barbecue kale ribs

Barbecue kale ribs

Adam Hart calls kale the “Queen of Green”. (Nick Sopczak)

Is it just me, or are they putting too much crap on kale chips these days? I’ll take the lightly seasoned stuff from home or a raw café over the packaged “Texas BBQ” version any day.

Anyway, if you’re into dehydrating veggies and want to get a little fancy, you’ll find a recipe for barbecue kale ribs at the end of this post. It’s just one of the recipes in The Power of Food, the new cookbook by Squamish-based healthy living speaker Adam Hart. Subtitled “100 Essential Recipes for Abundant Health and Happiness”, the 200-page book was published this month by Whitecap Books and features vibrant food photography by Nick Sopczak. Continue reading

Vegan grilled cheese sandwich with arugula and fig jam

Grilled cheese sandwich

This rich and decadent grilled cheese sandwich is guaranteed to satisfy. (Stephen Hui)

To celebrate our son turning six months old, we had a little half-birthday party for which I made a couple kinds of “fancy pants” grilled cheese sandwiches. This is one of the sandwiches I created.

The bread I used is made by a local bakery called Terra Breads, and it’s likely difficult to get outside of Vancouver. If you can’t find a rustic-style bread with dried fruit, a good-quality sourdough bread will work just as well. And if you can’t find fig jam, try using a pear or apricot jam instead.

Makes 2 sandwiches. Continue reading