Eat this, vegans: Earl Grey donut at Cartems Donuterie in Vancouver

Vegan Earl Grey donut

Yes, those are rose petals. (Stephen Hui)

Word has it that Cartems Donuterie (534 West Pender Street) is working on a fried vegan donut. Until such time as it appears, their baked Earl Grey is our favourite vegan donut in Vancouver.

This heavenly cake donut is infused with organic Earl Grey tea and covered with an Earl Grey glaze. Rose petals are sprinkled on top. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Ital roti at the Reef Runner in Vancouver

Vegan roti

The ital roti is best eaten with a view of Coal Harbour. (Stephen Hui)

One of the best lunches I’ve had this summer came from the Reef Runner in Vancouver. An offshoot of the Reef restaurants, this food truck dishes out Caribbean cuisine.

Admittedly, it took a few tries to get my hands on the ital roti ($8). The elusive vegan option was crossed off the menu on my first two visits. Nevertheless, I returned a third time, and my taste buds were very happy.

The Trinidadian-style wrap features a curry stew of carrot, chickpeas, potato, spinach, yam, and coconut milk wrapped inside a white-flour roti skin. With its creamy filling and chewy flatbread, plus a great hot sauce, the ital roti was pretty much the perfect meal. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Mixed veg sabji at Soho Road Naan Kebab

Mixed veg sabji

The mixed veg sabji is a satisfying wrap. (Stephen Hui)

Everybody loves naan, right? Seriously, I’d eat every meal with this Indian flatbread if I could.

A recent visit to Soho Road Naan Kebab took care of one lunch. The Vancouver food cart serves naan wraps, including a delicious mixed veg sabji ($6 for small, $10 for large).

Although this item is vegetarian by default, it can be made vegan for a surcharge ($1 for small, $2 for large). I was told the only difference between the vegan and vegetarian versions is the naan. The chef even offered to change his gloves (previously used for chicken and lamb wraps) while making my order. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Lua’s Luscious Lime at Golden Aura in Vancouver

Lua's Luscious Lime

Lua’s Luscious Lime is a lovely raw vegan pie. (Stephen Hui)

However you feel about raw food, we can probably agree on one thing: the desserts rule. At Golden Aura (2680 West Broadway) in Vancouver, four raw vegan cakes and pies are on the menu.

During a recent visit, I enjoyed a slice of Lua’s Luscious Lime ($7). This lovely lime-flavoured avocado-coconut pie is sweetened with date and coconut nectar. The crust is made from macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Like everything at Golden Aura, Lua’s Luscious Lime is gluten-free and made from organic ingredients. Most of the Kitsilano eatery’s menu is vegan, with just a couple of items labelled with a B for beegan (meaning they contain bee products and, therefore, are vegetarian). Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Cassava fries with tamarind chutney from Vij’s Railway Express

Cassava fries

Vij’s cassava fries are seasoned with fenugreek. (Stephen Hui)

Sometimes we crave fries other than the usual potato and yam varieties. In Vancouver, Heirloom Vegetarian (1509 West 12th Avenue) serves a bowl of fancy avocado frites that fits the bill. We also love the cassava fries cooked up at Vij’s Railway Express.

This food truck, part of Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala’s celebrated Indian restaurant collection, dishes out a large portion of salty, deep-fried yuca with tamarind chutney for $8. These fries are drier and starchier than the potato kind.

Cassava fries are both crispy and creamy, but it’s the seasoning and chutney that really make them something special here. The seasoning includes fenugreek, salt, chili powder, and garam masala, according to staff at the food truck. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Veggie tacos from La Taqueria in Vancouver

De picadillo and tinga de hongos

De picadillo and tinga de hongos to go. (Stephen Hui)

La Taqueria has something for everyone. This Mexican pinche taco shop in Vancouver offers fillings containing meat, fish, and cheese. But, most importantly, it also serves two kinds of vegan soft tacos.

My favourite is the tinga de hongos. It features sautéed mushrooms in a (slightly) spicy chipotle sauce.

The de picadillo is equally delicious. This taco is made with sautéed ground tofu. According to the menu, it contains nuts. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Market Bowl at JJ’s Trucketeria in Vancouver

Market Bowl

JJ’s signature sauce is freaking delicious. (Stephen Hui)

Bored of the usual lunch options, I went looking for something new the other day. Luckily, I didn’t have to go far before encountering JJ’s Trucketeria at Granville Street and West 10 Avenue in Vancouver.

This food truck offers a Market Bowl ($5) made with ingredients that change with the seasons. The bowl I ordered was labelled as vegan and featured brown rice, carrots, leeks, caramelized onions, matpe beans, kidney beans, and JJ’s signature sauce. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Blueberry roll from Fairy Cakes in Vancouver

Vegan blueberry roll

There’s magic in the blueberry roll. (Stephen Hui)

Who doesn’t love a good cinnamon roll?

At Fairy Cakes (3586 Fraser Street) in East Vancouver, Cera Rivers bakes rolls in a variety of flavours. But they’ve all got the ooey-gooey goodness of your favourite cinnamon buns. Continue reading