What to Feed That Effing Vegan: Veggie-lentil loaf recipe

Veggie-lentil loaf

Veggie-lentil loaf is perfect for the holidays. (Christine McAvoy)

What do you do if you’ve never cooked vegan food, and you have a vegan coming for Christmas dinner? Well, you could buy a Field Roast en croute and throw it in the oven.

Alternatively, you could get yourself a copy of What to Feed That Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition, and impress your guests with a homemade veggie-lentil loaf. After publishing Bridget Burns’s Vegan Cooking at Home and Samantha Shorkey’s Jacked on the Beanstalk in July, The Vegan Project (which also includes Zoe Peled) is back with another e-cookbook. Continue reading

Vegan Cooking at Home e-book recipe: Tempeh tacos

Tempeh tacos

A recipe for tempeh tacos is included in Vegan Cooking at Home. (Christine McAvoy)

Over the past four years, the bloggers at The Vegan Project have shared many recipes with their readers. In July, with the aim of helping even more people eat vegan, they published two e-cookbooks.

Bridget Burns is the author of Vegan Cooking at Home, and Samantha Shorkey wrote Jacked on the Beanstalk. Both e-books feature nutrition tips from Jennifer Boyle and photography by Christine McAvoy. With Jessica Grajczyk, Burns and Boyle cofounded The Vegan Project—which made our list of the best vegan food blogs in Vancouver—back in 2009. Continue reading

Graze brings vegan brunch to Fraser Street in Vancouver

French toast at Graze

The French toast is made with a flax polenta batter. (Stephen Hui)

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Fraser Street is the new vegan hot spot in Vancouver. First there was Nice Shoes (3568 Fraser Street), then came Fairy Cakes (3586 Fraser Street), and now we have Graze (3980 Fraser Street).

A month after its highly anticipated opening in May, we paid our first visit to Vancouver’s new vegan casual-fine-dining restaurant. It was a Saturday morning, so we ordered off Graze’s brunch menu, which features savoury and sweet items. Dishes range in price from $10 to $15. Continue reading

Graze vegan restaurant opens this week in Vancouver


Graze is coming to Fraser Street. (Stephen Hui)

If you follow Graze (3980 Fraser Street) on social media, then you—like us—are probably counting down the days until Vancouver’s newest fully vegan restaurant opens.

We’ve already seen tantalizing photos of gluten-free perogies with sautéed mushrooms, sour coconut cream, tomato jam, and pickled beets; almond nut cheese with kale pesto; a pulled seitan waffle sandwich with bourbon pepper barbecue sauce, smoky eggplant strips, and avocado; and an asparagus and tarragon quiche with veggie hash and grilled pineapple. Need I go on? Continue reading

Best vegan food blogs in Vancouver

Jerk chickpeas

Jerk chickpeas from cookbook author and blogger Dreena Burton. (Hannah Kaminsky)

We vegans love our food, and we’re not shy about sharing this with the world. Indeed, there are countless plant-based blogs out there to prove it.

Vancouver is home to a bunch of them. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a (totally subjective) list of the most interesting ones from the city and suburbs.

I started out by asking for your recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks to everyone who responded. Between your suggestions and my bookmarks, I had around 20 local blogs to check out. I ended up with a list of nine blogs that are definitely worth reading.

All of these blogs publish original content, focus primarily on food, feature vegan recipes only (no honey!), and are run by bloggers who live in Metro Vancouver. As well, they all were created in 2012 or earlier and are currently active, putting out at least four posts since the start of 2013.

Here’s the Veg Coast list of the best vegan food blogs in Vancouver, presented in alphabetical order. Continue reading