Glutenull bakes vegan, gluten-free products in Coquitlam

Glutenull products

Gluten-free bars, cookies, and muffins from Glutenull. (Stephen Hui)

If gluten-free products catch your eye, you may have noticed Glutenull baked goods in stores around Vancouver. Made in Coquitlam, Glutenull products are not only certified gluten-free; they’re vegan, non-GMO, and free of refined sugar.

Recently, Glutenull owner Otari Kobalia sent us samples of several of his bakery’s products. We tried the Agave Quartet muffins, amaranth zest bread, buckwheat granola bars, Choco Moko cookies, Coko Moko cookies, fruit and nut breakfast bars, muffin tops, quinoa bread, and quinoa granola. Continue reading

One Degree Organic Foods grows veganically in Abbotsford

Danny Houghton

Danny Houghton is the vice president at One Degree Organic Foods. (Stephen Hui)

Ever since we bought one of their loaves of bread earlier this year, I’ve been interested in One Degree Organic Foods. The Abbotsford-based company’s products are not just vegan and certified organic; they’re veganic.

This means that One Degree—the sister company to Silver Hills Bakery—sources its ingredients from farms that use plant-based fertilizers rather than animal byproducts. You see, even foods that are vegan and organic often come from fields fertilized with animal waste from non-organic sources. Continue reading