Planet Veg cooks up vegan butter chicken in Vancouver

Soy butter chicken

The soy butter chicken is gluten-free at Planet Veg. (Stephen Hui)

Since I live nearby, I’ve eaten at Planet Veg (1941 Cornwall Avenue) in Vancouver many times. This vegetarian restaurant, in the Kitsilano Point neighbourhood, has served Indian-style fast food for years.

My favourite thing to order is the Kathmandu roll ($8). The savoury vegan wrap features cabbage, tomato, cucumber, crispy noodles, jalapeño cilantro chutney, herbs, and spices inside a 12-inch spinach roti. For $4, you can make it combo (do it), which adds rice or soup, and a potato samosa.

Recently, I decided to try something new, and got the soy butter chicken ($9) to go. The menu describes this gluten-free dish as “Butter chicken for those who can’t do chicken.” Continue reading

Krokodile Pear puts organic juice and vegan food on tap in Kitsilano


The Cypress contains cucumber, carrot, beet, and other juices. (Stephen Hui)

Is it just me, or are there a lot of juice bars in Vancouver? Karmavore even has a pop-up in New West’s River Market, there’s the Juice Truck in Gastown, and so on.

Krokodile Pear (1867 West 1st Avenue) is the newest such establishment in Kitsilano. Opened on August 9, it serves cold-pressed, organic juices and smoothies. Of course, what’s most interesting to us about Krokodile Pear is that all of the food and beverages it sells are vegan. Continue reading

10 things for vegans to do in Vancouver

Loving Hut Express

Grilled mushroom cheese burger at Loving Hut Express. (Stephen Hui)

Are you planning a vegan trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? If not, perhaps you’re a local resident looking to discover more of the vegan food and activities in your own Pacific Northwest city.

Either way, the Vancouver area offers plenty of possibilities for vegans—locals and tourists alike. Here’s the Veg Coast list of 10 things for vegans to do in Vancouver. Continue reading

OrganicLives closes raw vegan café in downtown Vancouver

OrganicLives on Granville Street

The Chopra Yoga Center housed OrganicLives’ take-out café. (Stephen Hui)

Once upon a time, OrganicLives operated two raw vegan eateries in Vancouver.

In 2009, the original restaurant opened at 1829 Quebec Street in Mount Pleasant. Two years later, OrganicLives expanded with a take-out café inside the Chopra Yoga Center at 451 Granville Street in the downtown core. Continue reading

Bestie makes friends with vegan currywurst in Vancouver

Currywurst with veggie wurst

This veggie wurst has moved into Chinatown. (Stephen Hui)

It’s easy enough to put together a vegan meal of Field Roast smoked apple sage sausage, French fries, and ketchup at home. Alternatively, you could go to Bestie (105 East Pender Street) in Vancouver and pay $8 to have it made for you.

Of course, this Chinatown sausage and beer parlour’s currywurst with veggie wurst isn’t the same as what you’d throw together after a long day at work. Indeed, the ketchup is curried, the fries are marginally better, and the German-inspired dish comes with a special fork (pommesgabel).

I can’t stand the name of this eatery, which also cooks up a dish of sausage and sauerkraut ($9.50). But, during my first visit, I did enjoy my overpriced meal. The tangy ketchup deserves some credit. Continue reading

Karmavore launches vegan dessert lounge, opens pop-up juice bar

Karmavore Café + Dessert Lounge

Karmavore Café + Dessert Lounge has lemon meringue pie. (Karmavore on Facebook)

The first vegan shop in Metro Vancouver is no more. But New Westminster’s Karmavore isn’t going anywhere. Owner Salim Jamal has just morphed his vegan business from a retailer into an eatery.

This week, Karmavore launched a dessert lounge at its space in downtown New West. Back in February, Karmavore celebrated the grand opening of its café at the same location. According to an August 7 press release, the rebranded Karmavore Café + Dessert Lounge (610 Columbia Street) still has a deli—which is now on the main floor rather than downstairs—and serves everything from vegan poutine and chick’n gyros to tiramisu and ice cream cake.

(Update: After this post was published, a reader let us know that Karmavore has put its business in downtown New West up for sale. We’ve confirmed this is indeed the case. According to listings dated July 25, the asking price is $149,000.) Continue reading

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s vegan Sofritas come to Vancouver

Chipotle braised tofu Sofritas

Holy tofu, Chipotle actually has a decent vegan burrito. (Stephen Hui)

You don’t normally see the vegan symbol on the menu boards of fast-food restaurants. But that’s what you’ll find at Chipotle Mexican Grill—at least at the chain’s West Coast locations, including the one in Vancouver.

This week, Chipotle introduced its braised tofu Sofritas to the Pacific Northwest, after rolling out the vegan option in California earlier this year. Made with organic tofu, chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and spices, this filling can be ordered with burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads.

Naturally, I headed to Chipotle’s only location in Vancouver to check it out. Located at 818 Howe Street, the joint appears to be popular with the suit-wearing business crowd. Continue reading

Eat this, vegans: Lua’s Luscious Lime at Golden Aura in Vancouver

Lua's Luscious Lime

Lua’s Luscious Lime is a lovely raw vegan pie. (Stephen Hui)

However you feel about raw food, we can probably agree on one thing: the desserts rule. At Golden Aura (2680 West Broadway) in Vancouver, four raw vegan cakes and pies are on the menu.

During a recent visit, I enjoyed a slice of Lua’s Luscious Lime ($7). This lovely lime-flavoured avocado-coconut pie is sweetened with date and coconut nectar. The crust is made from macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Like everything at Golden Aura, Lua’s Luscious Lime is gluten-free and made from organic ingredients. Most of the Kitsilano eatery’s menu is vegan, with just a couple of items labelled with a B for beegan (meaning they contain bee products and, therefore, are vegetarian). Continue reading