Gardein breakfast sandwich makes for easy vegan morning meal

Gardein breakfast sandwich

Fresh from the toaster oven. (Stephen Hui)

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy vegan breakfast that’s not cereal or toast. Here’s a fairly new frozen product from the people who brought us veggie boob—Richmond-based Garden Protein International—that fits the bill.

We found the Gardein breakfast sandwich selling for $4.75 at Donald’s Market in Vancouver. A box comes with two small sandwiches and takes minutes to prepare in the microwave, on the stove, or in a conventional or toaster oven. Continue reading

Glutenull bakes vegan, gluten-free products in Coquitlam

Glutenull products

Gluten-free bars, cookies, and muffins from Glutenull. (Stephen Hui)

If gluten-free products catch your eye, you may have noticed Glutenull baked goods in stores around Vancouver. Made in Coquitlam, Glutenull products are not only certified gluten-free; they’re vegan, non-GMO, and free of refined sugar.

Recently, Glutenull owner Otari Kobalia sent us samples of several of his bakery’s products. We tried the Agave Quartet muffins, amaranth zest bread, buckwheat granola bars, Choco Moko cookies, Coko Moko cookies, fruit and nut breakfast bars, muffin tops, quinoa bread, and quinoa granola. Continue reading

Vegan Cuts snack box delivers the goodies

Vegan Cuts snack box

Most of the products in Vegan Cuts snack boxes are gluten-free. (Stephen Hui)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a package of vegan goodies arrived in your mailbox every month? Well, the online store Vegan Cuts has such a service.

Each Vegan Cuts snack box comes with seven to 10 items, which are mostly gluten-free and don’t contain palm oil. A subscription costs $19.95 US per month. Shipping is free in the United States, but there’s an extra charge of $8 US for Canadian orders and $15 US for deliveries to the rest of the world. Continue reading

The Vegg: Cracking open the vegan egg yolk

Vegg French toast

Vegg French toast. (Stephen Hui)

Last weekend, I made French toast for breakfast. No eggs or bananas were involved. I used the Vegg.

Recently, I received a sample of the Vegg from its creator, Rocky Shepheard of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The plant-based egg-yolk replacer can be used to make vegan versions of everything from fried eggs and hard-boiled eggs to carbonara and egg nog. Containing fortified nutritional yeast, sodium alginate, black salt, and beta carotene, the powder is gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free. Continue reading

Bambii vegan clothing pushes cruelty-free fashion in Vancouver

Bambii Clothing

Vancouver’s Caitlyn Kellar designs “cruelty-free swagger”. (Courtesy Bambii Clothing)

In the 1942 animated film Bambi, the titular character’s mother is shot and killed by a deer hunter. Who knew that, 70 years later, the Disney movie would inspire a cruelty-free clothing line?

Based in VancouverBambii Clothing was founded in 2012 by designer Caitlyn Kellar. Also known as Kaykay Bads, Kellar has blended her passions—business, fashion, and animal rights—in this line of vegan streetwear with attitude. Continue reading

Granola Girl makes vegan cereal in Vancouver

Granola Girl

There’s organic dried cranberries and goji berries in Granola Girl. (Stephen Hui)

For busy mornings, there’s no breakfast food more convenient than cereal. One locally made option that’s vegan and wheat-free is Granola Girl.

Vancouver entrepreneur April Bellia brought Granola Girl to market in 2011. The cereal contains organic oats, organic dried cranberries, non-GMO sunflower oil, maple syrup, organic cane sugar, organic coconut, organic sesame seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic goji berries, organic hemp seeds, almonds, and salt. (Seventy-eight percent of Granola Girl’s ingredients are organic.) Continue reading

Veg Fest Vancouver 2013 to occupy three blocks on July 27

Veg Fest Vancouver 2012

Now in its third year, Veg Fest Vancouver continues to grow. (Stephen Hui)

Dozens of businesses and organizations are set to participate in the third edition of Vancouver’s outdoor vegan festival. On July 27, Veg Fest Vancouver 2013 will take over three blocks of Granville Street (between Dunsmuir Street and Smithe Street) in the downtown core.

This year’s vendors include the restaurants Eternal AbundanceChomp Vegan EateryIndigo Food Café, and Sargam House (which opened in May at Saravanaa Bhavan’s former location on West Broadway); the bakeries Edible Flours and Fairy Cakes; the Loving Hut Express food truck; and Caramels by In the OvenGardeinGranola GirlKi Health & FitnessLifeBitesNice ShoesVarinicey PakorasVegan Yarn, and Zimt Artisan Chocolates. Earthsave Canada, Liberation B.C., Mercy for Animals CanadaStop UBC Animal ResearchVancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy, and Veganville will be among the organizations present. Continue reading

Vegan Caramels by In the Oven are salty, sour, and totally sweet

Smoked salt caramels

Smoked salt caramels. (Stephen Hui)

Caramels weren’t really my thing. But that was before I tried vegan and gluten-free Caramels by In the Oven.

Erica Van Driel and Sami Rix, the bakers-turned-confectioners at Vancouver’s In the Oven, sent us samples of their lime and smoked salt caramels. In March, they launched their line of caramels in five flavours. Continue reading