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Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Edible Flours

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Edible Flours. (Stephen Hui)

When it comes to our vegan scene, Vancouver is certainly no Portland—or even Seattle. But it’s getting there.

In recent years, vegan restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and shops have opened in the city and its suburbs, and the vegan options are growing in quantity and quality at vegetarian and omnivore joints. Plus, Vancouver’s burgeoning vegan community is busy organizing events year-round.

There’s almost too much going on to keep track of it all. That’s where Veg Coast (ISSN 2291-9546) comes in.

Launched on October 27, 2012, Veg Coast is a guide to vegan food and culture in and around Vancouver (the one in British Columbia, Canada, in case you’re still wondering). We cover the region’s tastiest animal-friendly bites and latest cruelty-free happenings.

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  1. I’m traveling to Vancouver in three weeks, and I feel so fortunate to have discovered your blog. I’ll be pouring over your posts over the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful resource! Celeste 🙂

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