Gardein breakfast sandwich makes for easy vegan morning meal

Gardein breakfast sandwich

Fresh from the toaster oven. (Stephen Hui)

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy vegan breakfast that’s not cereal or toast. Here’s a fairly new frozen product from the people who brought us veggie boob—Richmond-based Garden Protein International—that fits the bill.

We found the Gardein breakfast sandwich selling for $4.75 at Donald’s Market in Vancouver. A box comes with two small sandwiches and takes minutes to prepare in the microwave, on the stove, or in a conventional or toaster oven.

Gardein breakfast sandwiches

Gardein breakfast sandwiches.

Each sandwich consists of an English muffin, a meatless sausage patty (these are now sold separately too), and a slice of dairy-free cheddar cheese. The bread is whole wheat, the breakfast patties contain non-GMO soy and wheat, and the Kraft Singles-style cheese is rice-based.

We used a toaster oven to heat up the sandwiches, and found them to be tasty enough. However, the sandwiches would have been even more satisfying with a slice of fried tofu added to the filling.

Gardein breakfast patties

Gardein breakfast patties.

Around here, we often make Tofu McMuffins for breakfast. If we can find them, perhaps we’ll use Gardein’s breakfast patties instead of veggie bacon next time.

3 thoughts on “Gardein breakfast sandwich makes for easy vegan morning meal

  1. Hi Stephen, I’m wondering if you know of any place in town that sells the Gardein meatballs? We’ve been getting ours at Target in Bellingham because we haven’t seen them here. Thanks!

  2. Just a note – we used to use Gardein (Yves) products many years ago and as we modified our diet to exclude gmo products and inferior oils, and include more local and organic, we stopped eating this brand because for us, it’s just not the optimum any longer. Many food items are vegan but to be vegan and use good, healthy and organic ingredients is the new goal for us. Thanks!


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