Glutenull bakes vegan, gluten-free products in Coquitlam

Glutenull products

Gluten-free bars, cookies, and muffins from Glutenull. (Stephen Hui)

If gluten-free products catch your eye, you may have noticed Glutenull baked goods in stores around Vancouver. Made in Coquitlam, Glutenull products are not only certified gluten-free; they’re vegan, non-GMO, and free of refined sugar.

Recently, Glutenull owner Otari Kobalia sent us samples of several of his bakery’s products. We tried the Agave Quartet muffins, amaranth zest bread, buckwheat granola bars, Choco Moko cookies, Coko Moko cookies, fruit and nut breakfast bars, muffin tops, quinoa bread, and quinoa granola.

Agave Quartet muffins

Agave Quartet muffins and muffin tops. (Stephen Hui)

My favourite of the bunch was the Agave Quartet muffins. First of all, I love muffins with carrot in them. Secondly, there’s no way I would have guessed they were made with rice flour. The muffins also contain sorghum flour, bananas, organic agave syrup, dates, coconut, organic raisins, and other ingredients.

Amaranth zest bread

Amaranth zest bread and quinoa bread. (Stephen Hui)

Both the amaranth zest bread and quinoa bread were great for breakfast. I enjoyed toasted and fresh slices of those loaves with margarine and strawberry jam.

Choco Moko cookies

Choco Moko cookies. (Stephen Hui)

Although the Coko Moko cookies weren’t to my liking, my partner thought the shortbread-like bars were excellent. However, I did appreciate the Choco Moko cookies, which, despite having a similar name, are completely different. Those soft, chocolatey cookies are perfect for dipping in rice milk.

Fruit and nut breakfast bars

Fruit and nut breakfast bars and buckwheat granola bars. (Stephen Hui)

Fruit and nut breakfast bars just aren’t my thing, no matter who’s making them. But the rest of the products get the thumbs up. Being oat-free, Glutenull’s quinoa granola has a seedier texture than the Granola Girl product we sampled last summer.

Quinoa granola

Quinoa granola. (Stephen Hui)

Kobalia started up Glutenull in 2011. In Vancouver, you can find Glutenull products at such stores as Drive Organics, Greens Organic + Natural Market, MarketPlace IGA, No Frills, Urban Fare, and Whole Foods Market. They’re also available in other cities across British Columbia and in select stores in Alberta and Washington.