Bambii vegan clothing pushes cruelty-free fashion in Vancouver

Bambii Clothing

Vancouver’s Caitlyn Kellar designs “cruelty-free swagger”. (Courtesy Bambii Clothing)

In the 1942 animated film Bambi, the titular character’s mother is shot and killed by a deer hunter. Who knew that, 70 years later, the Disney movie would inspire a cruelty-free clothing line?

Based in VancouverBambii Clothing was founded in 2012 by designer Caitlyn Kellar. Also known as Kaykay Bads, Kellar has blended her passions—business, fashion, and animal rights—in this line of vegan streetwear with attitude.

Tattoo Collection tank top

Tattoo Collection tank top. (Courtesy Bambii Clothing)

Kellar told Veg Coast by email: “Being ‘vegan’ means no animals are harmed in the making of our gear, we use absolutely no animal or animal by products. That means no leather, suede, wool, feathers, fur or silk. We produce cruelty free swagger.”

Designer Low Crotch Casuals

Designer Low Crotch Casuals. (Courtesy Bambii Clothing)

Bambii’s tops, bottoms, and hats are available online. In August, Bambii showed off its stuff at the RAW:Vancouver launch party. Kellar hopes to get her Canadian-made streetwear into a few local boutiques before expanding to Toronto and Los Angeles.


Snapback with Bambii logo. (Courtesy Bambii Clothing)

“We want the brand recognized as cruelty free and not only spread our style but our message,” Kellar wrote. You can follow Bambii’s journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.