Eat this, vegans: Ital roti at the Reef Runner in Vancouver

Vegan roti

The ital roti is best eaten with a view of Coal Harbour. (Stephen Hui)

One of the best lunches I’ve had this summer came from the Reef Runner in Vancouver. An offshoot of the Reef restaurants, this food truck dishes out Caribbean cuisine.

Admittedly, it took a few tries to get my hands on the ital roti ($8). The elusive vegan option was crossed off the menu on my first two visits. Nevertheless, I returned a third time, and my taste buds were very happy.

The Trinidadian-style wrap features a curry stew of carrot, chickpeas, potato, spinach, yam, and coconut milk wrapped inside a white-flour roti skin. With its creamy filling and chewy flatbread, plus a great hot sauce, the ital roti was pretty much the perfect meal.

The Reef Runner

The Reef Runner serves Caribbean street food. (Stephen Hui)

For vegans, there’s also ital curry with rice ($8) as well as plantain chips ($2.50 for small, $5 for large) on the menu. (Just ask them to hold the jerk mayo that usually comes with the chips.)

The Reef Runner parks at Thurlow Street and West Cordova Street, next to Portal Park, in downtown Vancouver. You can find schedule updates on Twitter and Street Food Vancouver.

By the way, if delicious wraps are your thing, I also recommend the mixed veg sabji at Soho Road Naan Kebab (West Georgia Street and Granville Street), another downtown food cart.

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