Culver City Salads plants vegan food truck in downtown Vancouver

Grain-free salad

The grain-free salad comes in compostable packaging. (Stephen Hui)

If you like salad, you’ll love Culver City Salads. Vancouver’s newest vegan food truck gives you the chance to make friends with three entrée salads and four dressings.

Culver City Salads’ green truck opened on June 27. It hangs out at Hamilton Street and West Georgia Street, as part of the new food-cart pod outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the downtown core.


Three salads and four dressings are on the menu. (Stephen Hui)

In the style of Post-it notes, the makeshift menu features grain-free, soba noodle, and quinoa salads. The dressings on offer are sun-dried tomato, creamy basil, creamy lemon and dill, and “creamy green”.

According to Culver City Salads founder and co-owner Christina Culver, everything is gluten-free. Each salad costs $9, and you can add extra dressing or avocado for $1. Double chocolate chip cookies ($3.50 for two) are also available.

Double chocolate chip cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies are the perfect follow-up to a healthy salad. (Stephen Hui)

During my first visit, I ordered the grain-free salad with creamy basil dressing, plus a pair of the cookies. The paleo diet-inspired salad contained mixed greens, yam, celery, cabbage, radish, chickpeas, carrot, zucchini, beet, sunflower seeds, and avocado. The dressing was a blend of miso, tahini, basil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce. I found the salad to be a fresh mix of crunchy veggies that was definitely filling.

As for the double chocolate chip cookies, they were small, soft, and moist. The menu says they’re made with organic coconut sugar and coconut oil, and “love”.

Christina Culver

Christina Culver is bringing gluten-free salads to the streets. (Stephen Hui)

The food truck is usually open Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and accepts cash only. It’s worth checking Culver City Salads’ Facebook or Twitter account before visiting.

Culver said she’s working on getting the word out about her truck. She’s hoping more people will discover the Hamilton Street pod in the coming months.

Culver City Salads

Culver City Salads parks in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. (Stephen Hui)

If you’re not in the area, there’s two other ways to get these salads. For starters, the salads are available at the Juice Truck (Abbott Street and Water Street) in Gastown, where I recently consumed a strawberry coconut smoothie. With the exception of a raw energy bar, which contains bee pollen, everything at that food cart is vegan too.

As well, Culver City Salads offers delivery in downtown, Gastown, and Kitsilano. You can place orders on Culver’s website.

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