11 awesome vegan eats in the Pacific Northwest

Raw high tea at Indigo Food Café

The raw high tea at Vancouver’s Indigo Food Café is something special. (Stephen Hui)

When you think of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, what comes to mind? If it’s incredible vegan food, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed amazing vegan meals at restaurants, bakeries, and food carts in all four West Coast cities. Fortunately, I remembered to take pictures of some of them.

Here’s a look back at 11 memorable vegan eats in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll start in the San Francisco Bay Area and work our way north to British Columbia.

1. Blueberry cinnamon roll


It’s worth making a side trip from SF. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Cinnaholic, Berkeley, California.

2. Vege BBQ steak sandwich

Love N' Haight

The cheapest sandwiches are sometimes best. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Love N’ Haight, San Francisco, California.

3. Sausage biscuit

Herbivore: The Earthly Grill

I wish we lived around the corner from one of these restaurants. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Herbivore: The Earthly Grill, San Francisco, California.

4. SloSmoMoFo

Homegrown Smoker

You might want to save room for coconut fried Oreos. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Homegrown Smoker, Portland, Oregon.

5. Vegan French toast breakfast

Junior’s Café

A trip to PDX isn’t complete without my favourite breakfast. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Junior’s Café, Portland, Oregon.

6. Crazy Jamaican burger

Plum Bistro

The breaded portobello steaks are even better. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Plum Bistro, Seattle, Washington.

7. Country fried steak

Wayward Vegan Café

Wayward is hit or miss, but this dish satisfied. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Wayward Vegan Café, Seattle, Washington.

8. Cinnamon and sugar donut

Mighty-O Donuts

They’re mighty sweet. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Mighty-O Donuts, Seattle, Washington.

9. Smoked Northwest portobello and tempeh crepes

Sage Organic Bakery & Café

I don’t even like tempeh. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Sage Organic Bakery & Café (now Plum Café), Seattle, Washington.

10. Raw high tea

Indigo Food Café

These treats will win over your favourite raw food hater. (Stephen Hui)

Where: Indigo Food Café, Vancouver, British Columbia.

11. #28 udon

Harvest Community Foods

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of deliciousness? (Stephen Hui)

Where: Harvest Community Foods, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Still hungry?

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