The saddest vegan cookie in Vancouver?

Vegan tofu chocolate chew

There’s nothing fine about Laurelle’s tofu chocolate chews. (Stephen Hui)

We tend to highlight the worthy vegan options around Vancouver, but some culinary disasters are too hard to ignore. This one is found at Laurelle’s Fine Foods (148-1689 Johnston Street) in Granville Island Public Market. While the touristy bakery/deli carries a few vegan items, such as brownies and soya sage tofu rolls, it’s these cookies that take the cake.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the vegan tofu chocolate chews with cranberry icing ($1.75) are just a one-time kitchen accident. Actually, Laurelle’s has sold them for years—on purpose—so people must be buying them.

Vegan tofu chocolate chew

This cookie could be from another (non-vegan) planet. (Stephen Hui)

Admittedly, Granville Island isn’t exactly a vegan haven, so Laurelle’s deserves kudos for stocking some plant-based options. However, while the strange look of these cookies is kind of enticing, their off-putting taste and texture are anything but.

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6 thoughts on “The saddest vegan cookie in Vancouver?

  1. I think there are a few dinosaurs like this leftover from the time before vegan options became popular. getting by on a history of being popular back when it was the only game in town.
    a pal of mine has a very old restaurant that was known for their amazing veggie burger – well it aint so amazing now (classic old school vegan dry and flavourless). quite awful really. but that’s only because they now have this new mushroom burger (also veggie) on the menu and it is indeed amazing (especially in comparison). but if the old one was the only option available, I would think it was pretty great. same goes for this cookie I suppose. but times have changed…and that’s the way the (old school vegan) cookie crumbles.

  2. @juniperskitchen – This may be off-topic, but you pretty much summed up my feelings on The Naam with that comment!

  3. I really like this cookie. I’ve been vegan for two years, have sampled a lot of vegan treats around Vancouver, and have enjoyed this dessert on a few occassions when visiting Granville Island. The sweetness of the icing really makes the cookie. To each their own though, of course.

  4. haha. love this post.
    and totally agree with Ej about the naam!
    and it’s funny, now that there are so many more vegan options out there in grocery stores and such (and no more need to put up with foul and strange only-soy products), i have been eating so much simpler!
    grateful for the many vegan restaurant/manufactured/processed foods out there that actually are delicious though! ^_^

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