Vegan Secret Supper cookbook to be launched in Vancouver

Mérida Anderson

Vegan Secret Supper author Mérida Anderson is coming home. (Danny Rico)

Mérida Anderson’s Vegan Secret Supper cookbook is full of sophisticated recipes, such as hazelnut-crusted portobellos with caramelized fennel parsnip mash, radicchio marmalade, and balsamic port reduction. A week ago, I tried one of the simplest recipes, making crêpes using just wheat flour, rice milk, salt, and margarine.

Back in March, I interviewed Anderson about her cookbook and her vegan dinner club, which was the first of its kind in Vancouver. The self-taught chef now lives in Montréal, but she’ll be coming to town later this month in order to promote the book.

Vegan Secret Supper launch

The Vegan Secret Supper cookbook is published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

The Vancouver launch of Vegan Secret Supper will take place on June 27 at Dunlevy Snackbar (433 Dunlevy Avenue) in Strathcona. The event will start at 6 p.m. and feature free appetizers made by Anderson herself.

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