City of Vancouver to declare June 10 as Meatless Monday

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This Occupy Vancouver sign says it all. (Stephen Hui)

The City of Vancouver is set to throw its support behind an international campaign that encourages people to reduce their consumption of meat. A civic advisory body, the Vancouver Food Policy Council, has let it be known that city hall plans to proclaim June 10 of this year as Meatless Monday.

Vancouver will become the first Canadian city to take this symbolic step, according to the VFPC. But don’t expect city hall to start promoting veganism anytime soon.

Indeed, a May 13 news release notes the city’s proclamation will state: “While livestock can be good for environments and meat can be good for health, excessive amounts can harm ecosystems.” In the same release, Trish Kelly, co-chair of the VFPC, says: “It’s a great start, and an excellent way to bring attention to the environmental and other benefits of being more careful about our meat consumption.”

Although the city’s proclamation will pertain to a single day, the Meatless Monday campaign urges participants to go meat-free for one day every week. The Meatless Monday Canada website, run by Earthsave Canada, explains: “It’s about healthy, sustainable eating. It’s about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s about doing what we can to slow down global warming. And it starts with you.”

6 thoughts on “City of Vancouver to declare June 10 as Meatless Monday

  1. Such great news for Vancouver! Lots of work to do to plan events. Hoping it can be made official weekly, following in the footsteps of Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    P.S. I made that sign for Occupy Vancouver. Great to see the message live on!

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