Best vegan food blogs in Vancouver

Jerk chickpeas

Jerk chickpeas from cookbook author and blogger Dreena Burton. (Hannah Kaminsky)

We vegans love our food, and we’re not shy about sharing this with the world. Indeed, there are countless plant-based blogs out there to prove it.

Vancouver is home to a bunch of them. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a (totally subjective) list of the most interesting ones from the city and suburbs.

I started out by asking for your recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks to everyone who responded. Between your suggestions and my bookmarks, I had around 20 local blogs to check out. I ended up with a list of nine blogs that are definitely worth reading.

All of these blogs publish original content, focus primarily on food, feature vegan recipes only (no honey!), and are run by bloggers who live in Metro Vancouver. As well, they all were created in 2012 or earlier and are currently active, putting out at least four posts since the start of 2013.

Here’s the Veg Coast list of the best vegan food blogs in Vancouver, presented in alphabetical order.

In the Vegan Kitchen

Cauliflower mash-up

Cauliflower mash-up with griddled tofu and greens. (Erica Van Driel)

Who: Erica Van Driel and Sami Rix are the proprietors of In the Oven, whose newest product line is Caramels by In the Oven. They live in East Vancouver.

What: Vegan cooking and baking adventures in the kitchen, recipes, and updates on their business.

When: Since October 2012.


Why: “Because sharing is caring.”

Lindsay Is Vegan

Beer chow mein and tofu

Beer chow mein and tofu. (Lindsay O’Donnell)

Who: Lindsay O’Donnell is a marketing team leader for Whole Foods Market. She lives near Granville Island.

What: Vegan food, which she also uses as a reason to blog about Vancouver, her friends, her cat, her husband, and anything else she finds amusing.

When: Since January 2012.


Why: “You probably wouldn’t guess it from my blog but I went vegetarian (and then vegan) because I’m an animal and environmental activist. I feel very strongly about being responsible for our choices and feel that if I wouldn’t do something myself (like slaughter an animal) then I won’t pay someone to do it. However I quickly learned that to promote positive change you need to empower others through positivity. Veganism is taking a stand against some terrible things in the world through something truly fulfilling, rewarding, and fun.

“When I became a vegan I was inundated with questions so I started the blog to keep a record of everything I was suggesting to all my friends. I love vegan food. A lot. Ultimately I just want everyone else to join the fun.”

North Vancouver Vegan

Tama Organic Life

Lunch at Tama Organic Life. (Anna Pelzer)

Who: Anna Pelzer is a legal secretary who lives in North Vancouver.

What: Mainly meals consumed in North Vancouver, as well as some eats found in Vancouver and during her travels, plus cookbook recipes she has tried.

When: Since September 2012.


Why: “For a long time I thought there was no vegan food available in North Van and so I would only go to restaurants on Commercial Drive or in Kits. I couldn’t find a resource online that listed various places to get a vegan meal in North Vancouver, so I decided to just create it myself. My list of vegan-friendly restaurants is slowly growing.

“I find it fun to go to restaurants that don’t actually have anything vegan on the menu, ask them if they can make me something within my specifications, and let the chef surprise me with a creation of their choice. I’ve gotten some mixed results, but I’ve mostly had pretty amazing meals doing this. I really want the restaurants to know that there is a demand for vegan food.

“I was very intimidated in the kitchen before I became vegan, eating fairly bland meals day after day, but there was something intriguing about vegan baking—the exotic ingredients and special techniques. I bought a vegan cupcake book, tried some recipes, and I began reading cookbooks like novels. I have a passion for food that I didn’t have as an omnivore.

“My hope with the blog is that people will see something they want to try, support the restaurants, experiment with a new recipe, and enjoy cruelty-free food.”

One Small Vegan

Butternut squash miso noodle soup

Butternut squash miso noodle soup with kale and edamame. (Sasha Itterman)

Who: Sasha Itterman is a grocery store clerk who lives in Surrey’s Fleetwood neighbourhood.

What: Healthy vegan cooking, eating, and living.

When: Since June 2012.


Why: “I blog about vegan food because I love it (the food and the blogging). Going vegan has created in me an intense passion for food and nutrition. I am constantly excited by new ingredients, recipes, techniques, and health information. I started One Small Vegan in order to share those discoveries and help show others how easy and delicious a plant-based diet can be.”

Plant-Powered Kitchen


Mac-nificent from Plant-Powered 15. (Nicole Axworthy)

Who: Dreena Burton is a stay-at-home mom (with three daughters) who has a business degree and lives in South Surrey. She is the author of the cookbooks The Everyday VeganVive le Vegan!, Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, and Let Them Eat Vegan!, as well as the new e-cookbook Plant-Powered 15.

What: Vegan recipes using whole foods ingredients, cooking and food tips for healthy families, and occasionally topics related to mothering and raising children.

When: Since April 2012. (Burton’s previous blog, Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, dates back to 2005.)


Why: “Well, I just love creating new recipes—slight obsession for me. But I guess why I blog about them is to share with people how the most basic vegan foods—beans, grains, nuts, seeds, veg, and fruit—can be combined with seasonings to create meals and snacks that are unexpected, delicious, and far easier than people might think. Healthy vegan food doesn’t have to be complicated, and I really want to encourage families especially to bring healthy, compassionate food habits into their homes. Diet is definitely a learned habit, and the earlier we can teach children, the better.”

Sweet on Veg

Veggie Thai red curry

Veggie Thai red curry. (Jennifer Vega)

Who: Jennifer Vega is an entrepreneur who lives in Vancouver.

What: Plant-based food and inspiration.

When: Since April 2009.


Why: “I love to show people how delicious and hearty vegan food can be.”

The Vegan Project

Quinoa burgers

Quinoa burgers from Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner. (Bridget Burns)

Who: Bridget Burns is a restaurateur who lives in Mount Pleasant. She is the co-owner and general manager of Graze.

What: Vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, food and beauty products, and inspiring stories.

When: Since September 2009.


Why: “I want to show people how they can incorporate delicious, accessible, and fun plant-based foods into their lives without feeling like it is a sacrifice.”

Vegucated in Vancouver

Red lentil soup

Red lentil soup. (Krystle Charlton)

Who: Krystle Charlton is an accountant who lives in the West End.

What: Recipes, restaurant reviews, and product reviews.

When: Since August 2011.


Why: “I love to cook, share recipes, and was enjoying my vegan journey, so fascinating and nourishing, that I wanted to share.”

The Year of the Vegan

Double chocolate waffles with mint chocolate chip ice cream

Double chocolate waffles with mint chocolate chip ice cream. (Carla Kelly)

Who: Carla Kelly is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Burnaby. She is the author of the cookbooks Quick and Easy Vegan Bake Sale and Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking.

What: Vegan cookbook reviews and recipes, which are often gluten-free.

When: Since January 2008.


Why: “I blog about vegan food to show how normal it is, and how it doesn’t look any different from, or take any more specialized tools, equipment, or (usually) ingredients, than ‘regular’ food.”

Is your favourite local vegan blog missing from our list? Please tell us all about it in the comments, or share a link with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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