Eat this, vegans: Veggie tacos from La Taqueria in Vancouver

De picadillo and tinga de hongos

De picadillo and tinga de hongos to go. (Stephen Hui)

La Taqueria has something for everyone. This Mexican pinche taco shop in Vancouver offers fillings containing meat, fish, and cheese. But, most importantly, it also serves two kinds of vegan soft tacos.

My favourite is the tinga de hongos. It features sautéed mushrooms in a (slightly) spicy chipotle sauce.

The de picadillo is equally delicious. This taco is made with sautéed ground tofu. According to the menu, it contains nuts.

La Taqueria

La Taqueria has two vegan options. (Stephen Hui)

Veggie tacos go for $2 each or four for $7. The shop also sets out a variety of pickled vegetables and hot sauces that you can add to your plate.

Each taco includes two small tortillas. The extra tortilla is good for mopping up the filling that falls out of the first as you eat it. (A friend of ours suggests splitting the filling between the two tortillas before eating, so four tacos become eight.)

La Taqueria has two locations: 322 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver and 2549 Cambie Street in Cambie Village. Both are closed on Sundays. As usual, there was a line-up when I visited the Cambie location this week, but the food came fast.

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