Eat this, vegans: Market Bowl at JJ’s Trucketeria in Vancouver

Market Bowl

JJ’s signature sauce is freaking delicious. (Stephen Hui)

Bored of the usual lunch options, I went looking for something new the other day. Luckily, I didn’t have to go far before encountering JJ’s Trucketeria at Granville Street and West 10 Avenue in Vancouver.

This food truck offers a Market Bowl ($5) made with ingredients that change with the seasons. The bowl I ordered was labelled as vegan and featured brown rice, carrots, leeks, caramelized onions, matpe beans, kidney beans, and JJ’s signature sauce.

JJ's Trucketeria

Sure, there’s only one vegan option, but it’s good stuff. (Stephen Hui)

Topped with fresh herbs, the Market Bowl was tasty and filling. Actually, I couldn’t get enough of the lovely curry sauce. I also appreciated that the bowl was reasonably priced and served in no more than a minute or two.

JJ's Trucketeria

Watch out for the yellow truck at Granville Street and West 10 Avenue. (Stephen Hui)

JJ’s Trucketeria seems to move around a lot. Location updates are posted on the truck’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ll be looking out for JJ’s when it parks in South Granville (most Tuesdays).

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