What’s Shaken? Oh, just vegan milkshakes in Vancouver

Minty Chocolate Bliss

There’s real mint leaves in the Minty Chocolate Bliss. (Stephen Hui)

Ever since What’s Shaken (586 Davie Street) tweeted at me to say it has Coconut Bliss ice cream, I’ve wanted to try the place. The milkshake bar opened on March 23 in downtown Vancouver.

What’s Shaken’s menu says its gourmet shakes are made with Coconut Bliss by default. However, it’s advisable to specify you want the vegan, organic, gluten-free, and soy-free stuff to avoid getting cow’s milk ice cream. What’s Shaken also offers veggie shakes, floats, and scoop ice cream.

My first visit to the milkshake bar was a little sad, as they were out of Coconut Bliss. I left empty-handed, and ended up eating salty hummus from Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar (809 Davie Street).

A couple of days later, I returned to What’s Shaken and was again disappointed. I was told their supply of Coconut Bliss would be replenished later that day.

On my third visit, I was finally able to request the Mint Chocolate Chip Bliss, which contains vanilla ice cream, almond milk, mint leaves, vanilla extract, dates, and chocolate chips. However, staff kindly informed me that the chocolate chips aren’t vegan.

No big deal—I just ordered the Minty Chocolate Bliss instead. It’s made with vanilla ice cream, almond milk, mint leaves, and cocoa powder. The snack size costs $3.75, and the regular is $6.25.

This milkshake was certainly minty fresh, creamy, and milk chocolatey. In fact, the flavour of the real mint leaves was too much for me, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

What's Shaken

What’s Shaken has dairy-free options. (Stephen Hui)

Some other interesting-sounding gourmet shakes on the menu include the Mango Lassi Bliss, Papaya Lemongrass Bliss, and Plum Goodness Bliss. If you like vegetables in your milkshakes, there’s the Kale Colada, Beet It, and spunkily-named Popeye’s Cream Dream. You can also build your own shake.

What’s Shaken is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. I’ll be back for an Oreo cookie milkshake. But, before I go, I’ll make sure to check they have Coconut Bliss in stock.

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  1. The Strawberry Daiquiri was pretty tasty. So many choices, I didn’t think about getting Oreos! I wonder if we can get them to label the vegan options on the menu to make the choice easier?

  2. amazing! thanks for the head’s up! i just saw this place on yelp and forever whatever reason, figured they wouldn’t have options! yay for vegan options!

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