Dipping into the vegan options at Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar

Green Hornet

Green tahini and mushrooms play starring roles in the Green Hornet. (Stephen Hui)

Hummus is seemingly everywhere these days, from giant tubs at Costco to small batches of the (easily homemade) stuff at the local hipster grocery store. There’s even a restaurant billing itself as a hummus bar in downtown Vancouver.

When my original lunch plan fell through last weekend, the words “vegetarian/vegan” on the front window lured me into Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar (809 Davie Street). Although several of its dishes contain eggs, staff informed me that the rest are vegan. (The menu also notes the baba ghanoush is blended with egg mayonnaise.)

Green Hornet

The Green Hornet comes with pita. (Stephen Hui)

I ordered the Green Hornet ($9.95) to go and consumed it at a nearby park. This dip features hummus, green tahini, mushrooms, and chickpeas, and comes with two thick pita breads.

While I wouldn’t pay over $10 (with tax) for fancy hummus on most days, I did enjoy this creamy, filling dip—at least at first. As I ate more of it, the excessive saltiness became a bit much.

Green tahini

The green tahini is a blend of sesame and herbs. (Stephen Hui)

Two days later, I returned to Zaatar and got a takeout order of green tahini ($5.95). The herby dip was satisfactory (and not oversalted) but I should have ordered it with—you guessed it—hummus.

Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar

You’ll find Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar on Davie Street. (Stephen Hui)

Zaatar is a viable option if you’re in the area and need a quick bite to eat. The menu also lists a falafel plate ($9.95) and pita pocket ($5.95), as well as your basic hummus ($6.95) and tahini ($5.95), which can be customized with add-ons. This hummus bar does delivery too.

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