Sarah Kramer could use a little help from her vegan friends

Sarah Kramer

We’re all pulling for you, Sarah. (Graham Powell)

We all know Sarah Kramer as the coauthor of How It All Vegan! and The Garden of Vegan, and the author of La Dolce Vegan! and Vegan à Go-Go! If you follow the vegan cookbook author and entrepreneur on social media, then you also know she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since revealing the news on March 14, Kramer has continued to blog about her experiences dealing with infiltrating ductal carcinoma, and become the inspiration for the awareness-raising hashtag #feelyourselfupforsarah on Instagram. She’s scheduled to undergo surgery on April 9.

Of course, Kramer has many friends and admirers who want to help. On her blog, she notes that the best way to support her during this challenging time is to shop at her vegan store, Sarah’s Place (106-560 Johnson Street) in Victoria.

Fork Cancer

Nice Shoes is pitching in to help Sarah Kramer.

If you live in Vancouver, the folks at Nice Shoes (3568 Fraser Street) will cover shipping costs for online orders placed between April 6 and 8. All you have to do is use the coupon code “FORKCANCER”. Sarah’s Place will send all the packages to Nice Shoes, where you’ll be able to pick yours up.

As Nice Shoes says on Facebook, “Sarah has given so much to the vegan community, let’s give something back to her now when she needs us the most!”

6 thoughts on “Sarah Kramer could use a little help from her vegan friends

  1. Where can I find products in Vancouver I am thinking about coming a vegan but not sure how to start , begin, the do,s and dont’s , etc

  2. Thank you Stephen for this post and your blog. I adore Sarah, her bravery and her humor. I have been so deep in work planning that I missed her posts, so thank you for making me aware of it. Also, great recommendation to Brenda Davis’ book to that gal above. She is one of our cherished shareholders in Indogo. She has a new book coming out in June, will keep you posted on it. Veg on, Laura S 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah, and I hope everything goes well from here on. By the way, The Garden of Vegan was the first vegan cookbook I ever used. The portobello mushroom bake and the tofu quiche!

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