Sylvia’s Vegan Kitchen rolls out the raw donut holes

A month ago, I wrote about Sylvia’s Vegan Kitchen, a new web series hosted by Sylvia Oakley. I concluded my post by suggesting that the Vancouver nutritionist and musician do an episode on raw donuts.

Well, Oakley has definitely risen to the challenge. Her latest frenetic episode—guest starring Cartems Donuterie co-owner Rajesh Narine—tackles raw vegan donut holes, made with cashews, almonds, flax seeds, dates, and agave nectar. Three toppings are featured: cacao powder, coconut sugar, and cinnamon; shredded coconut; and almond butter with dried fruit.

You can find the recipe on the episode’s YouTube page. As Narine says in the video, “You want these balls in your mouth.”

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