Eat this, vegans: Raw cheesecake from Tao Organics

Mesquite cheesecake

The mesquite cheesecake is quite coconutty. (Stephen Hui)

Last month, I dropped by the newly renovated Eternal Abundance (1025 Commercial Drive) to interview general manager Alexandra Brigham. While I was at the organic, vegan café and grocery store in East Vancouver, I picked up a couple of slices of raw cheesecake to take home for dessert.

Made by North Vancouver’s Tao Organics, the açaí and mesquite cheesecakes were topped with cashew cream and had a texture resembling that of pumpkin pie. The mesquite was more coconutty, while the açaí had a stronger banana flavour. We liked both slices, but enjoyed the mesquite most.

Açaí cheesecake

The açaí cheesecake has a more fruity flavour. (Stephen Hui)

Aside from the aforementioned ingredients, the cheesecakes are made with dates, walnuts, lemon juice, almonds, vanilla, and Himalayan salt. They’re gluten-free and sugar-free.

At Eternal Abundance, slices were going for $6. Chocolate and lucuma versions were available too.

Eternal Abundance

Eternal Abundance stocks everything from apples to kale chips. (Stephen Hui)

You can also find these cheesecakes at Café by Tao (120-260 West Esplanade) in North Vancouver, where they’re called Please Cakes.

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