Rachael’s Vegan Goods include lip balm and gluten-free brownies

Rachael's Vegan Goods gift basket

A gift basket filled with products from Rachael’s Vegan Goods. (Courtesy Rachael De Young)

Rachael De Young’s been making her own vegan baked goods, and health and beauty products for a long time. Now the Surrey resident’s homemade creations are no longer just for herself and her friends. She calls her recently launched home-based business Rachael’s Vegan Goods.

All of her baked goods are gluten-free, organic, and made with natural sweeteners, such as agave nectar, bananas, and apple sauce, rather than granulated sugar. There are cookies (chocolate chip, coconut, double chocolate chunk, and peppermint chocolate), brownies (regular, coconut, and double chocolate), and breads (banana, chocolate banana, zucchini, and coconut).

De Young also makes fudge (chocolate and chocolate peanut butter marble) and dried fruit mixes. Her food products are available in orders of a half-dozen and a dozen. Custom orders are an option as well.

Rachael's Vegan Goods lip balm

Rachael’s Vegan Goods offers lip balm in a variety of scents. (Courtesy Rachael De Young)

As for her health and beauty products, De Young makes them with natural ingredients and uses essential oils to scent them. There’s soap, bath salts, aftershave, deodorant, lip balm, lotions, and insect repellent.

Available scents include citrus, tea tree, lavender, peppermint cocoa, gingerbread, orange mint, and more. De Young says she has sensitive skin and tests all her products on herself.

Rachael's Vegan Goods deodorant

Deodorant is another product made by Rachael’s Vegan Goods. (Courtesy Rachael De Young)

What’s next for Rachael’s Vegan Goods? De Young has plans for a line of sexual health products, featuring personal lubricants, stimulating gels, and pheromone massage oils. After that, she envisions making products for dogs, such as sunscreen (for hairless canines) and flea repellent. Her goal is to make healthy vegan living easy and inexpensive.

De Young accepts orders via Facebook, Etsy, and email. Shipping is available, and she says she’s willing to accommodate customers in the Vancouver area who prefer not to order online.

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