Eat this, vegans: Sinister from Hell Pizza in Vancouver

Hell Pizza

The double Sinister from Hell, with Daiya, of course. (Stephen Hui)

For a little while, I’d been wanting to try Hell Pizza. After reading a post by Krystle Charlton, who blogs at Vegucated in Vancouver, about her picks for the best vegan pizza in the city (the awesome Vegan Pizza House got a mention too), I decided to finally order a pie from the chain’s West End pizzeria.

Based in New Zealand, Hell Pizza dates back to 1996 and also has franchises in Australia, India, Ireland, and the U.K. Its Vancouver location at 1074 Davie Street opened in April 2012. There’s a North Vancouver location at 1931 Lonsdale Avenue.

I began the process of ordering online, but ended up calling the pizzeria after noticing the website said it only delivered to the West End and downtown. It turns out they’ll deliver to my part of Kitsilano too.

Hell has one pizza that’s vegan by default, and it’s called the Sinister. The snack size (7.5 inches) costs $8.50, and the double (12.5 inches) goes for $17. You can add Daiya dairy-free cheese to the snack for 50 cents and to the double for $1. The delivery charge is $3.

My double Sinister with Daiya showed up in just over 30 minutes. Featuring refried beans, avocado, onions, salsa, tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos, the tasty, burrito-style pizza had a nice tang and a slow-burning spiciness that made me sweat a little.


Hell Pizza’s Sinister is vegan by default. (Stephen Hui)

The vegetarian pizzas on the menu—the Pride, Damned, Limbo, and Purgatory—can all be made vegan by substituting Daiya. Next time, I’ll probably try one of those.

Sadly, Hell Pizza doesn’t offer the option of meat alternatives. But praise seitan, anyways.

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