Vegan Butterfinger from Go Max Go Foods gets the thumbs up

Thumbs Up

Introducing Go Max Go Foods’ newest candy bar—the Thumbs Up. (Stephen Hui)

The Thumbs Up is probably my second-least favourite product from Go Max Go Foods. That’s totally not a diss though. It’s just that the rest of this line of vegan chocolate bars is so good.

From Santa Fe, New Mexico, Go Max Go sent us a few samples of its latest candy bar, which emulates the Butterfinger. Producing dairy-free versions of popular confections is the family-owned company’s specialty.

My favourite Go Max Go bar is possibly the Twilight (Milky Way). I’m not absolutely sure, because I have a hard time telling it apart from the Buccaneer (3 Musketeers) and Jokerz (Snickers). The Cleo’s (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups), Mahalo (Almond Joy), and Snap! (Nestlé Crunch) are also delightful.

As for the Thumbs Up, it’s the lightest bar of the bunch, weighing 37 grams. The packaging notes it is gluten-free, includes “nothing artificial”, and contains no trans fats or genetically modified ingredients. The top ingredients are cane sugar, corn syrup, and dry roasted peanuts. Other ingredients of note include palm kernel oil, natural cocoa powder, and rice powder. After all, the packaging describes the Twix-sized bar as a “crunchy peanut buttery center in a rice-milk chocolatey coating”.

Thumbs Up

The Thumbs Up is a vegan version of Nestlé’s Butterfinger. (Stephen Hui)

Essentially, the Thumbs Up is a buttery, flaky log covered in chocolate. I can’t tell you how it compares to Nestlé’s Butterfinger, as I don’t really have any recollection from the single time I consumed one. But it’s pretty sweet.

The Thumbs Up just hit the U.S. market, and Food Fight! Grocery ($2.25 US) and Vegan Essentials ($2.49 US) are selling them online. It’s not clear when these bars will be available in Canada, but it shouldn’t be long now. (Go Max Go is revising its labeling in response to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issuing an allergy alert on November 28. The warning concerned the trace amounts of dairy that may be present in the company’s products due to the use of shared equipment in manufacturing.) Locally, Go Max Go bars are sold at Karmavore Vegan Shop (610 Columbia Street) in New Westminster.

Here’s hoping Go Max Go tackles the Oh Henry!, Crispy Crunch, and Kit Kat next.

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