Sick of soy, almond, and rice milk? Try SōL sunflower milk

SōL sunflower milk

SōL sunflower milk comes in unsweetened, vanilla, and original flavours.

While I grew up drinking soy milk, my mainstay these days is rice milk. I’m also a fan of oat milk. Quinoa milk? That’s okay too.

However, I’m not so fond of (drinking) coconut milk, and I avoid almond milk due to an allergy. I have nothing good to say about hemp milk. Flax milk remains untried—I presume most of the carton would just go to waste.

But what about sunflower milk? Until last week, I’d never heard of the stuff. Then I saw SōL sunflower beverage sitting on a shelf at Greens Organic + Natural Market (1978 West Broadway) in Vancouver. A 946-millilitre carton of the original flavour was going for $3.49.

At home, I determined that SōL has a consistency similar to rice milk, but imparts a subtle nutty flavour. As I drank more, I found the oiliness of the milk a little off-putting. Although I’d certainly use this sunflower milk in a bowl of cereal, I’d hesitate to drink a glass of it again.

My partner, however, came to more positive conclusions. She discovered that SōL didn’t separate in hot tea—unlike some rice milks we know. As well, she drank the sunflower milk straight up, but enjoyed the “lovely” taste and didn’t find it oily at all.

SōL is also available in unsweetened and vanilla. The dairy-free and gluten-free product is made by SunOpta—a Brampton, Ontario-based company—under its Sunrich Naturals brand.

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