Finally, a rice milk that doesn’t separate in your tea

Rice milk

PC Organics rice milk goes well with hot drinks.

Natur-a does it. Rice Dream does it. does too.

You know what I’m talking about, vegans. Put rice milk into your tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, and without fail it’ll separate.

For some reason, the oil comes out of suspension, floats to the surface, and beads on top of your drink. It’s not gross or anything—just mildly annoying. And it seems to happen with just about every brand of rice milk (and oat milk too).

Strangely, President’s Choice Organics is the one exception we’ve found. Yep, you can have that perfect cup of tea or hot cocoa with this private label brand of rice milk.

The 946-millilitre cartons of the “original fortified rice beverage” are found at Loblaw-owned supermarkets. They’re selling for $2.29 at No Frills in Vancouver.

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