Indogo raising capital to launch vegan dog food brand in Vancouver


A new brand of vegan pet food could be coming to a dog house near you. (Andrew Morrell on Flickr)

Normally, we like to write about vegan food—for humans. Here’s something different. It appears that a Vancouver-based company is attempting to start up a vegan dog-food brand.

According to its distractingly busy website, Indogo Wellness Company Inc. aims to come out with a Plant Pawer line of “vegan, organic superfoods and wellness products supported by ground-breaking, patented, nutritional diagnostics for dogs” in early 2013. Indogo is trying to sell $50,000 in shares to prospective investors by November 16. (Obviously, this is a high-risk investment, and anyone considering this should do their own research.) Indogo then plans to kick off a crowdfunding campaign in January 2013, before commencing production. “Additionally, Indogo’s near future plan includes vegan foods and services for two legged folk, making it a timely, plant-powered health and lifestyle brand for dogs (and all animals), people and our planet,” the site states.

The company’s founder is Laura Simonson, an “animal lover, shameless idealist, veg foodie, speaker, consultant, writer and relentless entrepreneur” who apparently calls herself “The Doggess”. One of Indogo’s listed shareholders and consultants is Brenda Davis, the Kelowna dietitian who coauthored the books Becoming VeganBecoming Vegetarian, and Becoming Raw. Whether success or failure lies in its future, Indogo’s story should be interesting to follow.

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  1. Stephen, thank you for your blog post, follows and comments. We agree on the website! 😉 A new site is coming this week to explain Indogo in simple, exciting ways! We look forward to following Veg Coast!

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