Eat this, vegans: #28 udon at Harvest Community Foods

#28 udon

So freaking good. (Stephen Hui)

After a recent visit to the Parker (237 Union Street) in Vancouver’s Chinatown left our taste buds but not our appetites satisfied, we noticed the words “vegan options” on a sandwich board down the street. Curious and still hungry, we wandered into Harvest Community Foods (243 Union Street)—and boy are we ever glad we did.

This small grocery store and eatery serves hot noodles! Two of the four bowls on the menu that day were labelled as vegan.

The #28 udon ($8.95) features shiso, smoked tofu, shiitake, and, of course, gloriously thick noodles in a sweet broth. It’s just the thing for a rainy day—or any day. We’ll definitely be back for more.

Harvest Community Foods is open Monday to Friday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Harvest Community Foods

Vegan options! (Stephen Hui)

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4 thoughts on “Eat this, vegans: #28 udon at Harvest Community Foods

  1. My partner and I checked out Harvest for the first time on Saturday. We ordered each of the vegan soups. AMAZING! So, SO delicious and tasty and full of flavour. I was blown away. So, so good! Also loved the ambience and the fun, local variety of groceries they carried. Great little space!

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