Vegan Secret Supper cookbook coming out in 2013

Vegan Secret Supper

Mérida Anderson is ready to reveal some of her kitchen secrets.

A few years back, Mérida Anderson created the Vegan Secret Supper in Vancouver, attracting a lot of local buzz. After the chef moved to New York City, she restarted her underground dining club there to further acclaim. While the suppers are now held regularly in Brooklyn, VSS has been known to pop up in Montréal and Vancouver.

Unfortunately, I never got around to checking out Anderson’s supper club while it was based here. So you and I will just have to content ourselves with drooling over the delectable photos that Anderson posts on her Tumblr—until next spring, anyways. That’s when the Vegan Secret Supper cookbook is set for release.

You heard that right. Anderson is writing a cookbook, and it will be published by Vancouver’s Arsenal Pulp Press (which just put out Aaron Ash’s Gorilla Food). According to the Arsenal Pulp website, Anderson’s “collection of imaginative, delectable, animal-free recipes” is expected to come out in April 2013. A couple of the promised recipes: split pea bisque with minted cream and chocolate blackberry cashew cheesecake.

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