In the Oven vegan bakery arrives in Vancouver

Raspberry cupcake with white chocolate frosting

Raspberry cupcake with white chocolate frosting. (In the Oven on Facebook)

We can always use more vegan bakeries in Vancouver, whether it’s the kind with a storefront (Edible Flours!) or businesses that make goods to order and sell them at markets. In the Oven is the newest arrival in the latter category.

According to its Facebook page, this vegan bakery—”No eggs, no dairy, no animal by products”—is run by Erica Van Driel and Sami Rix, who just moved to Vancouver from England in October. I haven’t sampled any of their creations, but they’ve posted some photos of their cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and loaves. They look pretty tempting.

In the Oven can be found at the Baker’s Market, which takes place every Saturday until December 8 at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre (7646 Prince Albert Street) in East Vancouver. These bakers also take orders. “We hope to expand and start providing to bakeries in the neighbourhood as well,” their Facebook page states.

For hints as to what In the Oven will be bringing to upcoming markets, as well as updates on their latest cooking adventures, check out their blog, In the Vegan Kitchen. You can also follow In the Oven on Twitter.

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